Saturday, September 11, 2010

Update(Comparison): WNDR3700: Lower 2.4GHz signal than 5GHz

Hey guys, its almost been a week since I got the WNDR3700. While its been stable and I have had no problems with it. I am having a concern that is disturbing.

I have gone thru the netgear forums to learn that a weaker 5 Ghz signal is normal, but what about vice versa? My WNDR3700 produces a 2.4 GHz signal that is weaker than the 5GHz signal. I have tried changing the channel to 1, 2, Auto and 11 but could not succeed. Also, I have tried switching off the 5GHz then also changing the speed to 130Mbps(this was the default setting and then I changed to 300MBps). My concern is if the 2.4GHz performance is lesser than the way its supposed to be. Is anyone else experiencing this? And mine is the 01R21 H/W release(thats the latest I could find, WNDR37AV is not yet released in India). Please let me know if you have a fix for this... Thanks.

Update: I have tried changing its places, moving it here and there and also picked up my old router which is a Dlink G604T and I was shocked to see this. These screenshots were taken on my laptop 2 meters away from both the routers kept next to each other.

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