Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nokia E90 Steps into the Market Officially

Nokia launched the E90 officially on June 13th at Jakarta, Indonesia where its market is said to have sold the maximum number of communicators in the world. It was made available in the market from today i.e. 14th June and reports are in that its available in Finland also. You can find more snaps of the event at these links

Here is a look of how the Invitation looked! :-)

The first 1000 E90's were sold for USD1198 each!! Which is approximately INR Rs. 55000/-. Now I donno what will be its cost when it reaches India!! Anyway a great phone and a great buy. Fantastic device and fantasic marketing by Nokia!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

S60 Bible Reader

It feels great to have a bible that can get you all the verses at the blink of an eye. I use this software on my phone quite often and would suggest you to try it.

The S60 Bible is free and it has many features. Its ported from the palm Bible+ software and feels great. However its still in Beta phase and the formatting may not be to some's taste, but I like it very much.

I will update this post with some screenshots later, meanwhile you can go through the following links

The S60 Bible Reader can be found here

For various Bible versions you can go here

Friday, June 8, 2007

Symbian Freak giving away Nokia N73ME, Nokia N70 and Nokia BH-203

Hey all you mobile photographers... note this...

Symbian-freak has this cool contest...

"Priceless Moments captured with your Phone"

And the prize winners can be anyone WORLDWIDE.... so hurry up and remember to stick to the rules :-)

All the best and remember the competition is only for pics taken on mobile phones and each person can post only one pic.... There are several other simple rules, make sure you follow 'em.

All the best Everybody!!

Here is the URL:

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Waiting for Nokia E61 Firmware V4

I think its time that nokia releases the next firmware for the E61 with the low volume issue fixed. I guess the volume should be a little more louder, and I feel many will agree with me.

I did happen to come across some bugs with WIFI. It doesnt connect to an RSA secured network, not even the E61i... Nokia should consider this bug seriously. I also experienced sudden pauses and stops in the music player and sometimes the music player closes itself but the active standby shows its running... These are some rare instances that popup with the E61 sometimes..

The frequent problem I have is with WIFI. Just goto the settings of the web browser, and within the access point set "always ask". Now whenever you are near a known wifi hotspot and start the browser, the phone doesnt always scan for wifi hotspots. I guess many of you would have experienced this. Eventhough I stand next to the wifi router my phone many times could not scan for the network..thats sad. So I always set the access point as user defined and it always connects when I am within the range of that network... Well I will discuss more about some bugs on my later posts, but just had this thought in my mind to share it with you all! I guess you all might have encountered with many other bugs...Please feel free to share em here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Nokia E61's Keyboard

The E61's keyboard is a masterpiece and I do know many will agree with me. Hmmm I was rather astonished when I came across this article which terms it as a lousy keyboard... Hmmm and also furthur says that the treo 650's keyboard is better...
Its an old article though, but just cought my eye...

Well I would say that the Keyboard of this phone is one of the best and is not at all lousy, but has a very firm and solid feel. What do you say?? How many of you agree with me??

Some pics of the beautiful masterpiece. I googled and got 'em:

UPDATE: Alfa989 was kind enough to share his E61's pics on Flickr. You can find them here.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Nokia E90 Already available in India??

Slightly off topic but this really took me off... Have a look yourself. I dont know how they are doing it..but.... Have a look

Too much to HaNdLe!!

Well hi everybody. I am Ajit from Chennai, India. My Passion for gadgets got me gain many friends at almost every place I go. I have been into computers, gadgets, electronic circuits, software programming, hardware tweaking and benchmarking. I also had passion for the Linux OS. Then last year the Symbian Series 60 OS was a new platform for me to learn in terms of developement... Then days went by, I had to start working which made me change to this beautiful E61 from the 6260 although I wasnt happy initially as I was aspiring for the N80. Later blogs like the made me really interested in the device and I kept hunting new tricks for the phone from then on. Now I am a proud owner of the E61!!

These blogs really inspired me to start my own blog dedicated to the E61. I am finding it hard to manage posting as I am new to this and I find very less time for blogging. I always take enough pics to post on the blog but since I am at work most of the time I am not able to blog frequently. However I have lots and lots to share with you all. Right from the way I listen to music, GPS in India, Music from E61 in my Car...etc. I was really overwhelmed by the support I recieved from Ed of Thanks Ed! I also would like to thank all the visitors of my blog and I will try my best to keep up my job. You all have encouraged me a lot, otherwise this blog would have been a single post blog! Anyway, I hope that I would be seeing many more visitors in the future.... in other words many more well wishers of this blog :-)....

E61i Unboxing

Its been three weeks since I purchased this phone..... Finally I could find enough time to post the unboxing pictures...

I bought this at a priority dealer in Chennai. I was not able to find the phone at the Ritchie street which is famous here in Chennai(It is available now though!). I also happened to know that its available for a lower price in Mumbai... But I was in a hurry and couldnt wait :)... Got it for Rs 19,500(India).
PS: My E61 is going to stay with me... I work in a place where cameras are strictly prohibited... This fine device is for my Dad after his 9300 breathed its last.

Nokia had a bug already... This was very funny to me... Guess what I found on the box!!

For the benefit of those who dint see anything funny here...
The picture shown above is that of Nokia LD-3W Bluetooth GPS Reciever....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Saling Clicker V3.5

Finally a working and fully supported version of Salling Clicker for the E61.... Presenting Salling Clicker V3.5...

As seen in the screenshot.. this includes my favourite feature...which is
Connect with WiFi...

For more details visit

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Keeping Your Screen Scratch Free without digging a hole in your Pocket

I have a cost effective solution to keep your phone's screen free from scratches...


This was how my phone looked before removing the cellophane tape...

I guess now you can find the defference

My E61's Scratchless screen :-)

Make sure you clean the screen properly with a soft cloth

The apparatus required are

Water(Yes you are reading it right)

Paper Cutter


And most important is the cellophane tape which is big enough to fit the screen as shown below

First switch off your phone and if you are not sure of yourself, remove the battery also.

Then carefully put drops of water on the screen alone, making sure that it does not fall on keyboard and other places which may penetrate through the body to the inside

Water is required to avoid the airbubles while placing the tape.

Make sure you place the tape slowly and spread the water droplets to avoid air bubbles, However this is an advanced task and needs practice. I followed the same procedure for all my phones and so I can do this without switching off the phone.. :-)

Then carefully cut out the tape using the paper cutter, by slicing it through the screen's border.

At first the screen may look a little blurred because of the water, but carefully wipe the screen and switch on the phone... However the blur may dissappear after an hour or so since the water has to evaporate...

Enjoy with your new scratchless screen...

Please note that this procedure needs practice and you may end up with air bubbles...etc.. Trial and error method is the only solution... :-)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The E61 Displays Vanity Numbers----only DISPLAYS!!

How many of you thought your E61 could do this??????

Pretty wierd huh??? I said this phone could just DISPLAY a vanity number..... Read on.....

These screenshots would suggest of what I just did to get it displayed!!!

This is the trick...!!! Just keep the menu button depressed and select Tel.

HA HA HA...Got it???

Unfortunately...It Doesnt work!!!

One more shot...

Hope you had some fun with this new idea!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Get The Taste Of Actual Volume On Nokia E61

I saw many blogs where people share a common problem with the E61(so do I) which is low volume on the headphones, when playing songs or any music(After Firmware Upgrades) from the built in or third party music player(OggPlay trick didnt work for me even after setting the volume boost to various levels).... Anyway this post is not a trick or solution to the problem(sorry to disappoint you guys...).....but you can listen to the actual volume that your E61 can pump out... Wanna know how??? Read on...

Note: The Screenshots are from my E61 which has the firmware v3.0633.09.04 ...

1) Connect your headphones, open the standard music player and play a song

2) Make a call to a number...this pauses the music

3) During the call, switch back to the music player(by keeping the menu key depressed) and play the music( Make sure you reduce the volume a bit, cos the intense volume may hurt your ears!!!!...)

4) However comming to the saddest part, the volume returns to normal once the call is disconnected.... Neway have a look at this Equaliser setting, which I had to use since the volume was way too loud....

I hope I helped you get the actual taste of the Nokia E61's sound output... The sound you get at the output is two times more than normal....(May be more than that...)