Monday, September 27, 2010

WebOS 2.0: New Screenshots surface

New round of screenshots of the long awaited WebOS 2.0 screenshots emerge. What does this mean to us in India? As you all know Palm is now Hp and Hp has an awesome presence in India which the Palm never had. Palm had a major comeback(before the hp acquisition) with its very important releases, namely the WebOS and Plam Pre which we could never see in the Indian market(Legally). As I mentioned this might have been due to the lack of the market presence or the demand for Palm based devices in India.

Hence we @ India can now expect a new series of Palm's WebOS based devices being released in India. As tipped by many, we might also see some Tablets being released by Hp soon in India - hopefully running WebOS also??Wont you want to check 'em out? Also, another late but good thing we will be able to see is the Palm's touchstone tech and similar tech being revealed in India... Lets just keep our fingers crossed... :-)

Source: Engadget

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