Friday, December 10, 2010

India's Invention Labs wins President Award for 'Avaz'

Avaz - a touchscreen device that can be used by people who are unable to speak has been Nationally recognized by the Govt of India. Developed by Invention Labs, Chennai, India is a portable touch screen device whose software is developed in Qt. More after the jump.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ma Shiny New N900

After waiting for the N8 and learning Qt.... I had to get a new touch to experiment Qt... I was hardpressed b/w N8 and N900 and finally decided on the N900. I dint get the N8 bcos N900 is a computer and N8 is not... U'll understand what I mean by this after the following pics. N8 may be better in terms of touch, battery life but.... nothing can beat the N900 not even Android or iPhone. By the way, if you are having a N900 and wondering whats this, its Easy Debian. Also, there's more like web with Flash..etc...

Hit the link for the pics...
PS: Pics taken from ma Nokia E72