Friday, January 28, 2011

Ipad is here: I Hate Apple for how it is Treating India

I have expressed my feeling about Apples's view of Indian Market here. Now again this is a royal snub to the second largest Telecom market with more than 689 million users. Now when the world is looking forward to the ipad 2, Apple wants to dump its (soon to be old) ipad stocks in India. Is this fair? Now all the die-hard fans will throng the stores and get themselves an overpriced ipad. Let me make my point clear, I like their products but I dont like the way they are treating the Indian market, users(worldwide) and also developers in many cases. This is a serious issue and I think we Indians must take note of this. No other major company is doing like this, look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab - it came to India so early! Nokia releases its phones almost instantly but Apple - it is yet to release the iphone 4 in India when people elsewhere are waiting for iphone 5.... Whats your say??

Thursday, January 20, 2011

MNP is here Finally Official in India!!!

I've shared this news before but that was way long back here. Now Mobile Number Portability is no longer a dream in India, cos its launching today 20th Jan 2011(after 2 and a half years)... I've taken this pic from the local newspaper in Chennai. Way to go way to go India....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dubai Aquarium @ Mall of The Emirates

A fascinating Panorama view of the Dubai Aquarium at mall of The Emirates, Dubai. Fascinating because it holds the Guinness Record.... No no no... its not the largest and doesnt hold any largest sea creature...etc.... The whole thing that you see is not glass but acrylic and its just a part here. More details after the jump...