Monday, September 20, 2010

Nokia Qt

Qt all the way.. Qt pronounced as "cute" because its cute. Yes you heard that right and I am learning it now after a course at Blore. I may also continue working on what I used to work on i.e. - mainframe- Cobol-DB2. But for the next 2 months or so my target is "mission Qt".

So whats this Qt? Qt was developed by a company called Trolltech which was acquired by Nokia couple of years ago. Its a C++ programing platform using which one can target PC's(Win, Lin or Mac), Embedded and Mobiles(Symbian, Maemo & Meego). All this with the same code and without rewriting much of the code. Its an interesting thing and I believe this has a huge potential, just like how java is today - though its complicated it kinda rules just because of its device independence features... The below video might give you a gist of what this might be like

Happy Learning!

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