Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nokia + Windows Mobile 7 (or) Android = Big FAIL

The recent news of a possible Nokia + WinMo 7 based partnership is very disturbing to me. This is not Nokia, its sooo Microsoft. Stephen Elop is burrying Nokia - That is all I have to say.

Nokia and Microsoft are two different entities, namely open source and closed platforms. Will Microsoft ever goto Linux or a Mac? Never. Stephen Elop being a Microsoft guy is killing Nokia. Nokia were on the right path with Meego and Symbian with Qt. Its just a matter of time and Nokia had to get things done quickly. Now again a transistion means it will take loads of time. If this ever happens, I think its the mark of an end from the supreme reign of the mobile innovator.

Why do I say this? Lets analyse....

Symbian is still almost No: 1 today. With the features it offers and very less H/w requirement it brings smartphones to the masses. It offers stuff that even the iOS and Android dont, a fact that not many know. What it needs is a more polished UI and I dont understand why Nokia is taking so long to just polish the UI of a platform it created(mostly).

Meego - well Maemo is a perfect OS. Nothing comes close to it. Its a pity Nokia couldnt take the Maemo developement to a very good level. Come Meego, it is still a big question mark. But from the looks of it, it sure seems to be good. Especially when it has its roots from Maemo. I use the N900 and its been a fantastic device. Can any iOS user or an Android user boast of such power that the N900 has to offer even today(more than a year after its launch). Hence Maemo/Meego will be a perfect high end OS.

Qt can be a very nice icing between the cakes namely Maemo/Meego and Symbian. Does Stephen understand anything about Open Source?

Coming to greener grass or competetive ecosystem as per Stephen Elop

Android - is still an unfinished product and heavily fragmented.
Win Mo 7 - Windows is perhaps almost the last when it comes to Market share, compared to Symbian. Is there any more reason required why not to go Win mo 7?

Symbian is waaaay superior to win mo 7. Period.

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