Friday, February 11, 2011

Nokia's Stocks take a Hit after Stephen Elops "Win Mo" Announcement

I have told yesterday here that this deal is a big mistake and sure it does seem so... Today as Stephen announces Nokia + Windows Mobile 7 deal, Nokia's shares are deep down almost 10%.

Its a sad day today as we see the open source platform loose to the closed platform - Windows Mobile 7.....

Lets see the statistics for Mobile OS marketshare as of Q4 2010 By Gartner

Now isnt it a pity that Stephen Elop thinks Windows phone 7 is better than Symbian??

The only OS in the world to have generated so many sales in its first 3 months - more than 5 million devices... Symbian^3 during Q4 2010.

If this Win Mo + Nokia deal is at the expense of Symbian or Meego it is a big fail for Nokia, I repeat BIG FAIL!!!

The dropping share prices show that Stephen Elop is going in the wrong direction!!

Windows Mobile in itself is a sinking ship - A SINKING SHIP! More than 50% down from last year.
Nokia - God be with you!

Image Courtesy: Bloomberg TV
Statistics Via Allaboutsymbian
Statistics Image: Gartner
Official News: Nokia Conversations

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