Saturday, August 2, 2008

India: 3G is finally here

So its finally here. A dream come true for many Indians who were drooling over other countries.. India has finally decided to auction the 3G bandwidth on 17th October 2008 in the 4th International Conference at Mumbai, India.

"So does it mean I can start using 3G from August?" You may ask... Well.. not exctly... The services are expected to start by the end of this year(2008). Its upto the telecom industries to start. Lets hope the best....

I donno why India is like this... When ppl in other countries were using GPRS on their fone, a color fone In India was a distant dream. Then when 3G was polpular, India was stuck with GPRS on 3G handsets... Now HSPDA is in and India just brings 3G.....LOL..... Better late than never... Lets hope for the best...

You can visit the Bharati Exhibitions site to register yourself for the event.

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