Monday, August 18, 2008

DELL Intros new PC/Laptops

DELL Latitude E-series
Dells new E series Latitude Laptops promise 19hrs of battery life, not compromising on features for your business. Some models also feature WiMax. Made out of strong materials its a good buy for all you work maniacs....
Dell may also include its 10 inch E series models soon... Watch this space..

DELL Studio Hybrid Desktop

The all new sleek and stylish Dell studio hybrid is set to sparkle your desktop. Decent desktop features and top notch styling with many color options.

DELL Precision workstations
Seriously serious workstations for serious business. Made out of solid materials and rugged build quality. These goodies come with options for serious gaming also. Includes options for a 512MB graphics card and 17" displays. Check out dell's web page for more info.

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