Thursday, July 10, 2008


Hi Everybody,

Sorry to keep everyone in gr8 anticipation!! I was tied up with my work and couldnt find time for blogging. However, I will make it a point from this time along that my blogs will be regularly updated.

Also partly to be blamed is lack of Nokia's commitment to the Indian Market and to people working in secure areas. I find that Nokia releases a lot of devices, but they are not available in India. Examples are Nokia LD-3w(I got Holux GPSlim instead), N810, BH-500(Got Jabra BT3030 instead). Also camera free version of Nokia E51 is not yet available in India... WHY NOKIA???? I almost lost interest in Nokia this time around until I saw the E71..:-) Hope they release a camera free version of it. :-(

I'm starting this new blog or aiming at all types of gadgets and my experiences with them and will not be updating anymore. Thanks ....

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