Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Casio Protrek Watch

As promised, I will introduce to you some of my gadgets that are a part of my everyday living.... Introducing the Casio Protrek watch.

Some of the Key features of this watch are
>Digital Compass
>5 Alarms
>30 World Time Zones
> Auto EL Illumination
>Tough Solar

The watch has a huge display and you can be sure to catch a glimpse of the time no matter what situation you may be and the AutoEL illumination helps you do the same at nights without pressing a button. I checked some reviews of the Protrek series of watches and I came to know that timekeeping is perfect and so did I also find it. I've been using it for the past 5 months. As you see its thick and huge and is an Eyecatcher. It will look like a wall clock on the hands. People around can know time without even asking you. Best of all its Tough Solar and doesnt need a battery change.

Now lets see the USP's of this watch.

Altimeter: Purely based on the barometer, this will only help you approximately know how high you are. When I compared it with the GPS values, it had a difference of 60m.

Barometer: The screen has a small graph which helps in predicting weather. This just gets the job done and one cant expect accuracy here.

Digital Compass: This is probably the most accurate which is great to see it work at.

Overall a good watch that helps you get loads of info....

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