Monday, October 11, 2010

Nokia N8: My First Impressions of The Device

As you all know the N8 is available in some places. I had a brief time to play with the phone. Dont worry, I wont type in an extensive review of the phone. This is just my initial impressions of the device.

Build Quality:
The phone is extremely sturdy and surprisingly light. The phone has the mettalic feel yet its light. The phone has no creeky sounds whatsoever. It feels rock solid. I heard that the screen is made up of Gorilla glass and it sure feels good. The touch was responsive enough though there is room for improvement.

The software is a boon for existing Symbian users but for people having the i's and a's might not find it very attractive. However looks aside, its got all the functions that the i's and the a's will not be able to offer - USB and HDMI, onboard photo and video editing to name a few. Having said that, I wont say the software is bad - its a great step ahead in the right direction and existing symbian users will welcome the change. The software is very mature I must say for an initial release. The upcoming firmware updates will surely make it robust. For almost any multimedia user, this phone will definately be a boon.

Its launching in India on the 14th of October 2010. However, you can prebook the device in any Nokia Priority outlet just by paying Rs 2000/-. I was told by the Nokia dealer that Prebook customers will get some goodies from Nokia. So if you are planning to buy the phone better prebook the device.

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