Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Waiting for Nokia E61 Firmware V4

I think its time that nokia releases the next firmware for the E61 with the low volume issue fixed. I guess the volume should be a little more louder, and I feel many will agree with me.

I did happen to come across some bugs with WIFI. It doesnt connect to an RSA secured network, not even the E61i... Nokia should consider this bug seriously. I also experienced sudden pauses and stops in the music player and sometimes the music player closes itself but the active standby shows its running... These are some rare instances that popup with the E61 sometimes..

The frequent problem I have is with WIFI. Just goto the settings of the web browser, and within the access point set "always ask". Now whenever you are near a known wifi hotspot and start the browser, the phone doesnt always scan for wifi hotspots. I guess many of you would have experienced this. Eventhough I stand next to the wifi router my phone many times could not scan for the network..thats sad. So I always set the access point as user defined and it always connects when I am within the range of that network... Well I will discuss more about some bugs on my later posts, but just had this thought in my mind to share it with you all! I guess you all might have encountered with many other bugs...Please feel free to share em here.


Anonymous said...


Ajit said...

Ya dude!!! forgot that.. A2DP with AVRCP profile!!!

yeti said...

Also nowhere is there an option to tell it what gateway to use, my wifi connection at work you need to type your gateway into your browser, DHCP doesn't send it.
Therefore i cannot use my phone on the interwebs at work.

Ajit said...

Oh thats sad.. Nokia must do something for a device aimed at business and work..

Anonymous said...

I've problem connecting my phone with PC over Bluetooth after upgrading to 3d firmvare.
Tried all BT stacks. PC dont see any BT service on phone :(
but phone to phone BT connect works fine.

Ajit said...

It works fine for me... So did you check if your phone is hidden, under bluetooth settings?

Anonymous said...

ofcourse I've checked it and added pc to authorized devices.
I've succesfully paired phone and PC
But! PC don't see any bt services running on phone

Ajit said...

which BT stack do u use on you PC?? Microsoft or Widcomm??

Anonymous said...

I've tried all known stacks Microsoft, Widcomm(different versions), BlueSoleil(different versions), Toshiba(different versions)
with same result

Ajit said...

Not sure what your problem is... But may be you can try a different PC Suite version... Just a guess though... It works fine for me... This is the first time I am comming across such a problem... Any one else who experienced a similar situaltion with their phone??

Anonymous said...

I've tried different PC Suite versions with same effect

I saw similar problems on nokia discussions pages without any solution how to resolve it.

Yesterday I've try new widcomm stack with this stack phone even tries to connect to PC after pairing, unfortunatly without any success - the message is "could not connect to COMPUTER_NAME"

if you have some useful advices maybe we can discuss it on ICQ,Skype or any other instant messenger?
My ICQ number is 194778925
My Skype name is remizyaka

Ajit said...

Ya I'll try to do that... But the problem is that I cant do it from my work place and I am always(mostly) there @ my work place..

Anonymous said...

Has anyone had issues using a BT headset with the E61? I've successfully paired the Motorola H700, but the headset simply won't answer or allow me to make any calls. It keeps playing through the onboard speakers. I am a BT newbie - any suggestions?

Ajit said...

I use a Logitech Bluetooth Mobile Freedom headset and have no problems with it.

After pairing did you connect the headset to the phone??

First Switch on your headset
Then on your phone,
goto Connectivity > bluetooth > paired devices tab > select the headset(The list of devices that are already paired are shown here) and under options select connect. This should do it :-).

On the top right corner of your phone you should see the bluetooth symbol inbetween two Brackets() which indicates that your phone is connected to the headset.

Hope this helps ya!

Anonymous said...

about the main article, I think your just complaining now for the heck of it. Maybe you need something new but firmware isn't going to all of a sudden make your day or fix anything thats a major issue. Now if they could add the updated FTP 2 browser, then it's worth the update. Personally I'm getting tired of this phone and want something new. Just waiting for the next best thing like an unlocked improved Iphone.

Ajit said...

Dude.. The E61 is so close to perfection except for these small hickups... If addressed, the E61 would make a great phone, and yes a good successor to the E61i would be great wouldnt it??

There are still lot of issues/concerns with security of the IPHONE, but still if you want, go ahead...its your choice...

Anonymous said...

A great update, that should be able to be fixed with firmware, is allowing all applications to use the access point groups. This is a great feature the gives the phone a hierarchy of connections to choose from. Unfortunately it only works with some apps. Also adding a feature much like the iPhone where the phone will automatically switch to open WiFi signals would be great.

- written on my E61

Anonymous said...

Access Point Groups (APG) are a nifty feature on the E61 where you can add lots of wifi Access Points (AP) to a single list and specify that in the Message app as the connection method.

My APG has about 15 wifi AP's and a last resort GPRS AP.

What *should* happen is that whenever I am in range of one of those 15 wifi AP's it should use them in order of preference and roam between them if I move.

If it can't find any of the wifi AP's it should connect using the gprs AP specified.

Problem in the Messaging app is that once it moves to the gprs AP that becomes the default and it won't roam back to the wifi AP's even if I'm 5 feet away.

Extremely annoying.

I am running the current latest 3.x fw release.


Anonymous said...

You must set the WiFi to search evrey minute to discover more quickly your home WLAN