Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why is the E72 Annoying and why the E71 still rules?

RAM, RAM, and RAM. Way too less on the E72. It gets on my nerves many times. On this occasion, I was trying to open which I do agree is a heavy site, but that doesnt justify a phone built on a strong past - the E71 which can easily take this site though it is acually E72's older sibling.... Sad, really sad.

All of these experiences make me really want the N8 or the N9. I'm really looking forward for these phones from Nokia that are going to be bang on target, hopefully :-) I'm drooling over the N8's youtube videos daily... Did you get a chance?


Anonymous said...

hi friend!

I just tried your described problems... with the in-built
browser and the intomobile page

It seems that most of the
ram issues are fixed with the
new firmware update 4....

Please try again, enjoy and
develop some great apps ;)

Best whises from Austria!

Ajit said...

Sorry mate, thers no v4 for E72 yet...